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Model Joint Business Group Based Knowledge for Fishermen Community Empowerment Strategies: WOT Analysis

Model Joint Business Group Based Knowledge for Fishermen Community Empowerment Strategies: WOT AnalysisFor the fishing community empowerment strategy through diversification in the fishing town of Cirebon solid, note the external factors and internal institutions to realize a steady in coastal areas. Institutions can be defined into two parts: first, as the institute was institutional, agency/organization incorporated for managing activities and second, the institutionalization of values or institutionalized. (Dahuri et al., 2008). Institutional coastal areas in this study include three (3) aspects: institution as an organization. In this regard there were three aspects that were developed, namely: first, an increase in the ability of the personnel who work instituted, and mobilize the energy to work instituted, both providing office facilities, equipment and materials as well as other facilities to operate the institution, and the third was the provision of funds operations and maintenance and Development to finance the institution. SWOT Analysis first created the internal conditions and external analysis using Internal Factors Analysis Summary (IFAS) and External Factors Analysis Summary (EFAS). Assessment method was based on the importance of an attribute/indicator and the influence of these attributes on other attributes within a factor (Marimin, et al., 2010). The assessment process carried out by the following steps:

1) Grouping the factors into four factors: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Grouping attributes into the strength and weaknesses based on the value or status of the current state, which has a status attribute bad to optimal status/ weakness factors go poorly, whereas attributes to optimal status/to highly optimized well/very well come into force attributes ;
2) Assessment of the attributes on each factor based on importance values (weights), influence (rating). Important values ranged from 0 (not important) to 100 (very
important). While the value of influence or rating ranging from 1 (no impact) to 5 (very influential). Do calculation scores by multiplying the critical value/weight in influence/rating.
3) The attributes with the highest scores were the key attributes of a factor.