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Model Joint Business Group Based Knowledge for Fishermen Community Empowerment Strategies: Results and Discussion continue

The results of treatment were presented in following Table 2. The results of Table 2. showed chi square a large (659.146> 363.783) and a probability value below 0.05 is equal to 0.000. However, the value of GFI (0.8 <0.814 <0.9), TLI (0.8 <0.904 <0.95), CFI (0.8 <0.919 <0.95), and RMSEA (0.077 <0.08) was compliant so it can be said that the model used in accordance with the data. After conducting an assessment of the assumptions that exist in the SEM, will further hypothesis testing. Testing four hypotheses proposed in this study was based on the value of Critical Ratio (CR) of a causal relationship.

Explanation of Figure 4. above provide that information to the fishermen community empowerment strategy through diversification of activities in the territories captured in the of Cirebon city solid was the institutional aspects of coastal areas. Institutional aspects were being the key word for successful diversification. To create a strong institutional coastal areas, the capital aspect of the society, the business aspects of the micro skills and aspects of fish processing business into a major input institutional coastal areas. The institution has a significant relationship with the fishermen exchange (NTN) as an indicator of the welfare of fishermen. The institution has a significant relationship with the conservation of fish resources. Given the results of SEM analysis generating institutional empowerment as a strategy of intensive fishing territory captured in the city of Cirebon, we then need to do a SWOT analysis of the institutional aspects of coastal areas.

Table 2. The result of feasibility testing model on full model

Goodness of Fit Index Cut off Value Result EvaluationModel
Chi-Square < 363,783 (x2tabel with db: 321 and p: 5%) 659.146 Not Good
Probability > 0.05 0.000 Not Good
RMSEA < 0.08 0.077 Good
GFI > 0.90 0.814 Marginal
AGFI > 0.90 0.764 Not Good
CMIN/DF < 2.00 2.053 Not Good
TLI > 0.95 0.904 Marginal
CFI > 0.95 0.919 Marginal

Figure 4

Figure 4. Significant relationship between the elements of the institutional diversification efforts between the coastal areas and coastal areas with NTN institutional and conservation of fish resources