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Model Joint Business Group Based Knowledge for Fishermen Community Empowerment Strategies: Recommendation

(1) Expected KUB models based knowledge can be applied by governments and KUB itself in order to generate added value for improving the welfare of fishing communities
(2) The government was expected to focus more on fostering the KUB as an organization that bases its development to science. Therefore, the government needs to prepare some software or hardware to perform strengthening institutional (institutional strengthening).
(3) KUB Board needs to learn continuously to improve the performance of organizations, including the deepening of knowledge about coaching and supervision to preserve fish resources

(4) KUB should be able to make independent and community members. In a sense people are able to plan, implement and evaluate their own needs. Future government functions only as a facilitator only. The worldview of government should be changed to include: government encourages competitive products “One KUB, One Product”, preparation of technical and operational guidelines that funds were “recovery”, training to KUB about the welfare of fishing communities without harming the environment.

(5) The worldview of society must also change, which include: leadership and management of KUB should always be able to keep the stability of the organization. Chairman of KUB as the major, must be able to create a climate conducive to the creation of a good working environment. KUB should be changed to a more flexible agency procedures, focuses on the essentials, and more concerned with the achievement of the expectations of its members in the management of fish resources, and also to achieve prosperity through value TNT. KUB should be able to control the rules that have been given by the government to control and the achievement of its vision and values. KUB should be open in providing information to its members and the surrounding community KUB