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Model Joint Business Group Based Knowledge for Fishermen Community Empowerment Strategies: Materials and Methods

Fishermen worse off welfare level, two-factor, were: (1) natural factors associated with fluctuations in the fish, (2) non-natural factors, that factors associated with lameness in institutions for the results, the absence of social security crew, and network marketing of fish that was vulnerable to price fluctuations, limited fish processing technology, the negative impact of modernization, and the limited employment opportunities that can be accessed by the fishing community (Kusnadi, 2000).
The study was conducted in 27 villages in three districts of coastal Mundu and Cirebon District, coastal of Cirebon city. The respondents sample was representative of proportional each coastal community, while the fishermen were divided into several strata, for example, the strata fishing gear, fishing aquaculture, commercial fisherman, fishing skipper fish, fish processing. In the present study used a sample size of 124 respondents. In this study collected two types of data, namely primary data and secondary data. Primary data was collected through interviews and direct observation to respondents. Secondary data was sourced from the department of marine and fisheries Cirebon city, village offices, district offices in the form of literature, studies and reports. Data collection method: to obtain the data used several methods of data collection as follows: (1) the interview: that the data collection techniques by conducting interviews with informants researchers to obtain the required data, (2) documentation: the data obtained in the form of notes field, reports, statistics and monographs. The research instruments to obtain the data in this study make use of questionnaires.
Analysis of data will theoretically analyzed the relationship between the variables to prove the hypothesis that had been developed to find the most appropriate model in explaining the relationship capital of fishing communities, fish processing business and micro-enterprise skills, through an institutional approach coastal areas Cirebon fishermen contribute to the exchange rate and conservation of fishery resources. With these considerations, use the statistical technique to analyze the results of SEM (structural equation modeling). Base on the theoretical basis drawn diagram path in Figure 1. SEM (structural equation modeling) using only input data matrix variance or covariance or correlation matrix. The raw data observations incorporated into the program AMOS 4.01., AMOS will further transform the raw data into a matrix of covariance or correlation matrix. To test the overall model of the relationship capital of fishing communities, fish processing business and micro-business skills, through an institutional approach coastal area that contribute to the exchange of fishermen and conservation of fishery resources Cirebon. The best results of the test the overall relationship between some of these variables in doing SWOT test, to see the strengths and weaknesses of fishermen development.