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Model Joint Business Group Based Knowledge for Fishermen Community Empowerment Strategies: Joint Business Group (KUB)

KUB in Cirebon City that studied were 9 KUBs. 9 KUBs was a target of the study given the results of SEM analysis showed that the institutions in coastal areas key to successful community development programs through diversification. Joint Business Group (KUB) fishing was a non-legal entity or that have been incorporated in the form of a group formed by the fishermen by the agreement / consensus all members who are guided by a shared desire to strive together and collectively accountable to raise revenues member. KUB formation can be done on the basis of similarity of business and multi-faceted nature of inter-related and need to be pursued as far as possible to accommodate the interests of KUB’s member. In this research government institution (SKPD) which handles KUB not be the target, because the actual spearhead community empowerment was KUB. Based on Table 3 above, then arrange on the power constraint, the relative impact and ease of solution Table 4. The next stage was to generate a driving force for the success of KUB in promoting welfare of fishermen, namely:

(1) There was a driving force that can help KUB improve their performance goals; Sign the driving forces that would help KUB achieve goals;
(2) Select the driving forces, the estimated positive possibilities that can help KUB improve performance;
(3) Required power analysis of the main driving forces.

The next step to create a table the driving force and the relative impact of control, to determine the relative impact and the degree of control the driving force KUB with the following steps:

(1) The driving force relative impact on the achievement of KUB;
(2) The relative impact was very strong and there was even less encouraging KUB;

There was an effort to supervise the management of KUB attached to the driving force;

(3) There was a driving force which is entirely under the control of KUB;
(4) There was also a driving force that was beyond the control or influence and KUB;
(5) There SKPD of Cirebon city who has control or influence over the forces driving KUB;
(6) Provision of weights for each of the driving force of the impact and influence of KUB.

Table 3. Identify key performance inhibitors strength

No Main Inhibitory Forces
I Internal Factors
1 Still weak managerial capacity KUB both leaders and managers primarily related to financial management and especially about administrative accountability, thus slowing down the process of diversification;
2. Limited funds to accelerate the diversification of fishing effort, impact the diversification process was slow, although there was a phenomenon increasingly the large of KUB;
3 Limitations on the management of operational funds, and has led to founding activities to its members to diversify their business was very weak;
4 The ability of implementing legislation by the board of KUB related diversification process was very limited, and this affects many regulations were not socialized properly and correctly
II External Factor
1 BLM provided by the Government was not carried out according to the systems and procedures resulting in the ineffectiveness of BLM funds to its members, including the development of its business diversification;
2 Changes in government policy towards KUB make an impact to the development of business diversification by fishermen.

Table 4. Strength inhibitor, relative impact and ease solution

No Strength Retarder Relative impact Ease trouble shooting
l. Internal Factors
1. Weak capacity of managerial in KUB; 3 3
2. Limited funds quickly treat the process of diversification; 5 1
3. Limitations of the operational management of KUB and devices 3 3
4. Implementing rules and regulations 3 2
II. External Factors
5. Implementation BLM improper procedures; 3 3
6. KUB policy changes 5 1