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Model Joint Business Group Based Knowledge for Fishermen Community Empowerment Strategies: Introduction, Fishing community

Model Joint Business Group Based Knowledge for Fishermen Community Empowerment Strategies: Introduction, Fishing communityProblems utilization of fish resources in the coastal waters of Cirebon city trended down from year to year, due to high exploitation in the area of dense water fishing gear, most of the fishermen catching fish in sea water ranges in the Java Sea, such as the north coast of Cirebon, so overfishing occurs. Factors causing overfishing was the volume of fish catch has declined, the size of the fish were caught fishing grounds getting smaller and further away from the beach so it take longer. This resulted in increasing the cost of going to sea, and at the same time tends to decrease the income of fishermen. Besides the rate of catching fish resources in excess of potential production of sustainable. This condition was the cause or the most dominant form of poverty fishermen were natural factors (Abdullah, 1993).
Fishing community empowerment approach was a solution to overcome the problem of poverty. Bangladesh rural development expert explained that empowerment refers to the word “empowerment”, which means the process was to develop the ability to empower people to eventually be self-sustaining community. Further Haque argues that community development is a collective action that affects individual welfare, so that the meaning was to empower individuals to build a society capable of independent and able to solve their own problems. Poverty fishing was a complex phenomenon that was difficult simply explained by one factor alone, making diversification a variety of activities in fishing communities to provide added value to the welfare of fishermen and resource sustainability course fish can still be maintained. Mukehhrjee et al. (2001) explained that the fishermen actually have assets held for life, so that he could live his life properly. Further explained or capital assets include human capital, natural resources, capital, economic capital, physical capital and social capital.
Based on some of the problems mentioned above, it was necessary to research on community empowerment strategy through diversification approach fisherman catching a dense region. Diversification of fishing effort was diversifying business activities other than fishing by fishermen and or family as alternative livelihood development efforts. Meanwhile, alternative livelihoods were a new business or economic activity are being developed to reduce or eliminate pressure on fish resources, as well as to increase the income of a fishermen family.