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Model Joint Business Group Based Knowledge for Fishermen Community Empowerment Strategies: Introduction continue

It was recognized that not all people have the ability fishermen optimal utilization of marine resources due to constraints on fishing locations were solid, fish stocks began to decrease and it was seasonal, the acquisition of knowledge and technology in the field of fisheries and marine resource potential was varied, which not all waters have the potential catch. Therefore fishermen in each coastal region has a different character in the utilization of coastal areas, making it less threat of environmental damage and fish resources be serious. The potential of fish resources were depleted, the density and the ability of fishermen fishing locations that vary due to obstacles of knowledge and advancement of technology, it was necessary to look for other alternatives in the use of coastal areas, so the utilization of coastal areas can be done optimally to improve the welfare and preservation of the coastal environment (Haque et al., 1998).
Diversification of business for a few families of fishermen in coastal areas need to be implemented, so the fishing community efforts were not only focused on fishing effort, but also can be directed at other businesses outside the field of arrests. Diversification efforts were expected to provide the opportunity of fishing communities, to increase their income when not to fish because there were other sources of income to sustain their lives. Kusnadi (2002), explained that the decision to diversify the work was an effort and rational choice would be more beneficial interest in ensuring household survival and improve quality of life. Diversifying the job will be given the flexibility and freedom to the fishermen to earn income from a variety of sources and employment opportunities, in the context of diversification, activity remains fishery be used as one source of revenue that can be utilized at the right time.

Problems in solid fishery fishing waters that were found in the city of Cirebon can be seen in aspects of poverty, reduction in fish production, net gear that can damage the environment, the number of fishing vessel owners from year to year has decreased, the amount of fishing gear used also declined, utilization fish resources in coastal waters of Cirebon city trended down from year to year, the occurrence of overfishing, pollution and human resources were low.