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DOES SPIRITUALITY HAVE A PLACE IN  ENTREPRENEURSHIP BEHAVIOR? Clarity of visionIn her pursuit of gain SB believed in the power of prayer. She bought herself a distributor kit worth RM2,000 and did not know how to go about making her first sales. The first person who knew of her product was her maid.
“In order to earn an income from my venture, I prayed. I did not know where to sell and who would buy my products, so I merely showed my maid my product and expressed by dilemma. The maid told other maids. My first customer was a female gynecologist who through her maid called upon me to make purchasers for her five daughters. I stressed to her the fact it was gold plated jeweler and she told me that when she was a student overseas she was fond of wearing gold plated jewellery. Her purchase amounted to RM1,600. Soon through the doctor word got around and people called upon me to buy the gold plated jewellery. I thought people would not like it but they did as it was affordable and they worried less over its loss. Nevertheless, I was concerned for the doctor. She had made a large purchase and I worried whether she would look after her purchase well. If I could I would have looked after her purchase for her.”
The economic downturn affected SB whereby during times like this a few members of her network abandoned ship and were attracted to get quick rich schemes. SB asserts that loosing a down-line member is akin to loosing a child after all the effort spent in training and grooming had been invested. During such an episode she went to Mecca alone.
“I went to Mecca alone seeking for inspiration; I wanted focus. The prayer of Prophet Suleiman inspired me. It taught me to continue being grateful and to keep on doing good deeds. Regardless of my state I must continue doing goods deeds as much as I was capable of doing.”
SB’s vision is to focus on development of the person rather than the sales of the product. She enunciates her vision clearly with conviction: “My target is to develop entrepreneurs who are balanced and excellent. My business premise is my selfdeclared headquarters; I am the authority here and provide free training to my network members to develop themselves.”
“CL, my up-line separated preaching from business. I disagreed with her. When I set up my agency, CL was not supportive. If I were still with her I would be contributing a significant percentage in sales. I did not mind because I appreciated the fact that she taught me how to sell in the beginning and because I gained knowledge and confidence. Now with my own network, my network members purchase from me. Members in my down-line are creative. Creativity in business is very important. I encourage my network members when they intend to set up their own agency not financially but in terms of moral support. We need to give them the opportunity. They are more creative and with an agency will be more committed and would be able to service the customer better. I am satisfied if my down-line is free from want and has wealth.”