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March, 2014

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SB’s defines an entrepreneur as a person with abundant energy, philanthropic in nature, able to develop himself/herself, has a system and is willing to invest.
“In my opinion the concept of entrepreneurship embraces the following elements: abundance; balance, in terms of physiology, spiritual and mental aspects; and societal responsibility. If focus is on selfinterest, one becomes selfish. When a member of society benefits do not expect a reward in kind from that person as the person to reward you is God himself. An entrepreneur must develop people first so that businesses can develop”.
SB believes that knowledge must be applied and appreciates the learning experience in all stages of her life. From her experiences gleaned since childhood she developed these principles: (i) striving for more enables you acquire more; (ii) when you gain more you can give more; (iii) a set of facts if seen from a different perspective can provide an opportunity; (iv) application of knowledge learnt from many sources in business is vital; (v) the end result must have a positive spill over effect on society; (vi) to manage finances well bearing in mind that tough times may occur; (vii) to always invoke the blessings of God in all endeavors and do everything for the sake of God and God alone.

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